Hemp Twill Natural

29,50  per m

Sustainable hemp fabric, sown, grown, woven in Europe.

The perfect textile for jeans, jackets, trousers and a range of interior design pieces.  The uniform diagonal weave gives this fabric an added texture and look to create some fabulous pieces.


  • Clothing and Fashion Wear: Our natural twill hemp fabric is a go-to choice for designing stylish and sustainable clothing. From trendy jeans and jackets to comfortable trousers, this fabric offers durability, breathability, and a unique aesthetic that sets your fashion creations apart.
  • Interior Design and Soft Furnishings: Elevate your interior spaces with the timeless beauty of hemp fabric. Whether you’re crafting decorative cushions, curtains, or other soft furnishings, our twill weave hemp fabric brings a touch of natural elegance and eco-friendliness to your home decor projects.


  • Description: Twill Weave
  • Content: 100% Hemp
  • Width: 145cm
  • Weight: 13.0oz
  • Colour: Natural, no dyes or bleaching
  • Origin: Europe
  • Care Instructions: Machine washable at 30 degrees Celsius, do not tumble dry, iron with gentle heat.


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Introducing our sustainable hemp fabric in a natural twill weave—a textile that embodies European craftsmanship from seed to fabric. This versatile fabric is perfect for creating a wide range of garments, including jeans, jackets, trousers, as well as interior design pieces. With its uniform diagonal weave, this fabric adds texture and a distinctive look to bring your creative visions to life.

Our natural twill weave hemp fabric is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, from the sowing and growing of the hemp plants to the weaving process in Europe. Made from 100% sustainable hemp, it is a testament to our commitment to eco-friendly practices and quality craftsmanship.

With a width of 145cm and a weight of 13.0oz, this fabric offers the perfect balance of strength and comfort. Its natural color is achieved without any dyes or bleaching, preserving the organic essence of the hemp fibers.

For care, our twill weave hemp fabric is conveniently machine washable at 30 degrees Celsius, making maintenance a breeze. Please avoid tumble drying and use a gentle heat setting when ironing.

Embrace the beauty and sustainability of our natural twill weave hemp fabric, knowing that each piece you create contributes to a greener future. Experience the remarkable texture, durability, and versatility of hemp in your clothing and interior design projects.

Available in a range of colours.

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Off white semi bleached


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sarga de cáñamo naturalHemp Twill Natural
29,50  per m
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