Hemp Linen Ivory 6.5oz

35,00  per m

100% Ivory hemp linen an ideal fabric for clothing and interior design. A real good choice for those wanting a totally natural fabric for clothing, this mid weight plain weave is the perfect sustainable fabric.


  • Garment manufacture
  • Shirts, Tops, Skirts, Dresses, Leggings,
  • Bedding,
  • Interior design
  • Fashion accessories



  • Description: 100% Hemp
  • Weight: 6.5oz
  • Width: 146.5cm
  • Colour: Ivory
  • Density: NM14x NM14/1
  • Shrinkage: >3%
  • Product Code: HWL1-6.5I


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Hemp linen Ivory 6.5oz,


Here you’ll discover the exceptional qualities of 100% Ivory hemp linen—an ideal fabric for both clothing and interior design. If you’re looking for a completely natural fabric that embodies sustainability, this mid-weight plain weave is the perfect choice.

With its versatility and durability, our 100% Ivory hemp linen offers endless possibilities for garment manufacture. Whether you’re designing shirts, tops, skirts, dresses, leggings, or trousers, this fabric will bring a touch of natural elegance to your fashion creations. Its soft and breathable texture ensures comfort while making a statement in sustainable fashion.

But it doesn’t stop there. Our Ivory hemp linen also finds its place in interior design. From curtains to upholstery, this fabric adds a timeless and eco-friendly touch to any space. Its natural color and mid-weight characteristics make it a versatile choice for creating fashion-forward accessories that complement your style.

By choosing our 100% Ivory hemp linen, you’re not only embracing a fabric that’s gentle on the environment but also promoting a sustainable lifestyle. Experience the beauty and functionality of this natural fabric in your clothing and interior design projects.

Explore our collection and unlock the potential of 100% Ivory hemp linen.

A luxurious Ivory hemp linen fabric developed especially for the new age of sustainability and Eco consciousness.

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